Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration

A very important time in history. Many people in America do not trust our government and believe Donald Trump can make changes.

People, he is just a man. Yes, appointed by God like all kings and queens, and government presidents, etc.

He is a man that wants to save America. He is a man with much wealth and has seen things that many have not seen. When people have that type of wealth, they are invited to places considered secret and dark. I believe he has seen the darkness. I believe he is a man that wants to save America. I believe he is a man that has stopped the New World Order. I believe that is why the press, media, movie stars are all upset. You see many have sold their soul to wealth and power.

He is just a man and needs much prayer. Our country is divided. In fact, I see the Lord separating the people like wheat and tares. What a time to be alive. It is like light and darkness being separated. If you are conservative or Christian, it is unpopular.

God help us. This man needs prayer. This man needs protection as he enters into a circle of darkness and evilness around him. Washington is full of evil and dark people who want to ruin this great nation. Trump wants to bring this country into greatness to what has been lost over the years of evil men in high places.

God help us as this is an important day of Donald Trump's inauguration. He is the 45th president of the United States. A time when Christians need to press into prayer.

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